Home Wani Karamin Yaro kenan Da Bai wuce Shekara 7 Zuwa 8 Ba Yayi wa Kwankwaso Waka,

Wannan Wani Karamin Yaro Ne Da Bai wuce Shekara 7 Zuwa 8 Ba Yakewa Tsohon Gwamnan Kano Waka, Kwankwaso , Kuma Yaron Shi Ya Rera Wannan Waka Ba Wai Reramasa Ankayi Ba.
Wannan Baiwa Ce Daga Allah Subahanahu Wata’ala Yabashi Wannan Basira. Abun Ban Mamaki Ma wai Yaron A Tsakiyar Jama’a Yake Rera Baitukan Wakar Baiji Nauyin Idon Jama’a ba.

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Being laid up with heart problems with a heart function of 15% but is now 65%. I have been inflicted with high blood pressure, sleep apnea, COPD and being overweight. I quit smoking 8 yrs ago and avoided a heart transplant which I must credit the doctors at Geisinger Hospital in PA. As stated in August I had bariatric surgery by a wonderful bariatric team with gastric bypass and now I am off all my diabetes and blood pressure medicine. My lungs will not improve however with the weight loss I can breathe better. I am seeking my certification as a personal trainer and want to work with those that with weight issues and other medical issues.
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