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Sometimes you need a friend to hit something but does not have a chai, or sometimes you have two smartphones that you are calling for and browsing the Internet (Internet Explorer), and you have to lose one hour without You also have an important call you want to make or you think is an important call but your car is over.
See the latest way you can use your Android phone to load another phone or to heat another phone.
Get your OTG cable (if you do not know what OTG cable is (log in) connect the phone you want to suck for the chairs you want to upload. As soon as connecting to a less-active phone, you will be able to reach your sister's heart.


For example, the charging device has a capacity of 80% when the battery refuses to 60% to 70% will automatically stop charging. She could not offer a truck driver's offer to her.
Just briefly there are many things that are made with the OTG cable that I can not miss texture on them, just looking for OTG cable yourself, you can see something I did not say too.
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