Home Music:- Wazirin Rarara PDP Sun Fede Biri, Karya Ta Kare
Toh Pha Now We Resemble As The First Rhythm And Its Role As They Come Back In Their Music, They Say That The Swords Must Overcast The Music Sing.
Today's Allowing God's Will Begins With His New Signature (PDP) Sun Fede Biri.
As You Learn In The Last Days Independent Electoral Electoral Commission Electoral Commission Electoral Commission appoints President Goodluck Jonathan to win the election.
After a Thousand Years After He Is Conducted as a National Candidate, PDP's Gash party has been arrested. He Is Born as a Primary Election.
Failures and Disorders Make It Extremely Disappointed That This Skin Has Been Disrupted And It's Not To Be Done To Bring Bird to Thunder.
PDP Sun Pede Biri Kamin Ganduje Ya Fede.
Ga Wakar Nan Kasa


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