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What is duck farming?

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A moller living in a herd of water is an omnivorous bird that does not choose to feed, such as aquatic plants or insects. The rice farming method using the characteristics of these ducks is called the no pollution duck farming method. The duck farming system has a fence (a role to protect ducks from wild animals such as dogs and wolf) in rice grain about 15 days after the end of planting and puts a 15-day-old baby duck at the end of August.

Effect of duck farming

  • -  Weed Removal Effect: The ducks are able to get the effect of putting the rice in the rice grain without the need to touch each other, It cause dirty water by beak and foot, and it prevents the weed's photosynthesis.

  • - Disease control effect: The duck broom is like a vacuum cleaner and sucks insects and larvae, or eats eggs or adults of pests that are attached to rice leaves.

  • - Harrowing effect: It causes dirty water to easily dissolve oxygen and inorganic nutrients to activate the growth of rice.

  • - Nutrient supply effect: Resources that are harmful to rice such as weeds, insects, larvae of insect pests become the food of ducks, and duck dung becomes nutrients of rice again.

The rice and grains supplied from Health Department Store should have no pollution sources, have a clean environment of water and air, and have a direct contract with farmers who do not use pesticides and herbicides for at least 5 years. We secure the cereals produced after the cultivation and supply only the foods that customers can enjoy with confidence.
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