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Home Amurka ta kai wa Iran hari, ta lalata musu makaman yaki
Wasu rahotanni daga Amurka sun bayyana cewa kasar ta kai wani hari ta yanar gizo (internet) a kan kwamfutocin da dakarun soji na juyin-juya hali a kasar Iran ke amfani da su wajen sarrafa manyan makaman yaki da suka hada da makamai masu linzami (nukiliya).

Rahotanninsun bayyana cewa an ai harin ne a ranar Alhamis bayan shugaban kasar Amurka, Donald Trump, ya canja ra'ayinsa a kan kai hare-hare a wasu wurare mallakin kasar Iran.

Harin da Amurkan ta kai ba zai rasa nasaba da harbo wani jirgin yakin kasar Amurka mai amfani da na'ura da kasar Iran ta yi ba a cikin makon jiya da kuma wani harin da aka kai wa jiragen dakon danyen man fetur na Amurka, wanda ta dora alhakin kai harin a kan kasar Iran.

Babu wata kafar watsa labarai wacce ba ta Amurka ba da ta bayar da tabbacin cewa harin ya lalata makaman yakin kasar Ira.
Shugaba Trump dai ya bayyana cewa kasar Iran ta tafka babban kuskure da ta harbo jirgin yakin kasar Amurka da ake sarrafa wa da na'ura.

Jirgin, maras matuki, da Iran ta harbo na daga cikin jiragen yaki masu matukar tsada da kasar Amurka ta mallaka.

DUBA WANNAN: Yadda 'yan sanda suka yi wa wasu masu garkuwa da mutane dirar mikiya a mafakarsu. πŸ”—

Trump ya bayyana cewa zai shafe kasar Iran daga doron kasa idan yaki za su yi.
Wutar yaki da ke ruruwa tsakanin kasashen biyu ta jawo zaman dar-dar a kasashen yankin Persia.

Tuni Andrew Murrison, sakataren harkokin kasashen waje na kasar Birtaniya ya isa kasar Iran domin tatauna wa da shugabannin kasar domin yi musu sulhu da kasar Amurka.

Shugaba Trump ya bayyana cewar a shirue yake ya yi sulhu da kasar Iran tare da bayyana cewar kasar Amurka a shirye take idan kasar Iran yaki take so su gwabza. Sai dai, ya gargadi kasar Iran da ta sani cewa Amurka ba tsarar ta ba ce.



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